Digital Resume ~ Alex Hernandez ~ Javascript Enthusiast

About Me

Accomplished Web Developer with 3 years of experience building successful websites with modern technologies like React.js, Bootstrap, Next.js etc. Proven ability in building smooth and intuitive User Interfaces, as well as creating RESTful APIs that can deliver JSON/XML content. Familiarity with HTTP requests, proficient in a wide range of developer tools, testing tools and version control tools. Continuous learner that keeps up on new technologies and changes to languages and frameworks like ECMAScript(ES6, ES7, etc) Detailed knowledge of deployment on various web services like Netlify, Heroku, and Apache. Have an idea for a project? Contact me at

Operating Systems

  • macOS


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Javascript


  • jQuery


  • React.js
  • Jest
  • Bootstrap


  • Github
  • Webpack
  • npm